MTVu HOUSE BAND: Fiona Apple.

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Haha… i’ll never get tired of her interviews, she’s hilarious :)

David Letterman 10-11-05

CRAIG: Does writing cheers you up?

FIONA: Yeah.. it cheers me up but the worst feeling in the world for some reason is like —and this has been happening since I was like 8 years old— and I would write little songs and I would be so excited and I get like my mom to come in and listen to them and as soon as I’ve be done playing the song, I would get so depressed. And I still don’t understand it. It’s just like a letdown. It’s like… I guess I expect, you know, somebody to hear it and then the world just becomes bigger and brighter all of a sudden because I’ve played the song out loud for the first time but it didn’t happen…

CRAIG: No, your confusing that with drugs… a hole different thing and very bad for you, you know. Writing songs: Good. Drugs: No, no. Musn’t. Now listen, do you take part in all the rock n roll culture?

FIONA: I almost thought that you said: Do you take pot?. Sorry…!